True Grit

The sun strikes high in the town of Tombstone & you thought you were able to get away with the perfect crime. You and your posse have been arrested for robbing multiple trains and stagecoaches around town. The town ain’t happy & neither was the judge when he sentenced y’all. Y’all have been scheduled for hanging at high noon. Your objective is to escape the jail cell, find your stolen loot, and leave before the Sheriff returns. If not, then a hanging they will have for sure. Best of luck bandits! Hope you made peace with your maker, you’re gonna need True Grit to break out of this jam.



⌛ 60 Min

🏃‍♂️ 2-8 players | $35-$45 per person*

Book your event today; solve the puzzles and ride off into the sunset.

*Price varies based on group size

⚠️ ***Our games are shared, so you may be partnered with guests from another group***

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Arrive 15 minutes early – games will start at the scheduled game time with or without you.