Dog Dayz


HELP! TACO IS MISSING! Taco is missing from the dog park, and we must find him before the owner returns. Dog park themed with a fun theatrical feeling. Fun for kids and families. Fake poop and dog barf included. You are the dog sitters, and that pesky pup, Taco, has slipped away again. You have an hour before the owners come to pick him up. What are you gonna do?
Time to find the clues, solve the puzzles, and get that pooch back as quickly as possible.

Difficulty level 6.5

⌛ 60 Min 

🏃‍♂️ 2-8 players | $35-$45 per person*

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*Price varies based on group size

⚠️ ***Our games are shared, so you may be partnered with guests from another group***

Limited private bookings are available and can be selected when checking out.

Arrive 15 minutes early – games will start at the scheduled game time with or without you.